Resort History

What started as one man’s vision in 1947 to look beyond the main village of Codrington and lease his own land on the isolated section of Low Bay, cialis Barbuda, and has come full circle with his grandson’s vision to return to that same land and build a resort to share with the world.

Barbudan native Edmond Lavann secured a beachfront plot from the government for a nine-mile stretch of beach on the southeast side of the island where pink sand lines the shore of the crystal clear Caribbean. Inspired, cialis sale rather than deterred, by the natural, unspoiled condition of the land, Lavann at first simply lived in a tent on the property. Later he upgraded his environs, building a cottage replete with running water via a homemade water catchment system and used kerosene to power refrigeration.
His grandson, Mike Branker, first visited him there at the age of six. Coming from New York City, the sea breeze and shimmering shores of Barbuda were literally a “breath of fresh air.” Mike’s connection to the island was immediate and visits there became eagerly anticipated events. So when he was 14 and his parents decided it was time to move home to the island, he was overjoyed. Hard work and savings enabled the senior Brankers to open a small restaurant on the bigger island of Antigua and later an intimate inn called The Spanish Inn. The relationship between the islands and hospitality was not lost on Branker, nor was his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit

He returned to the U.S. to attend Notre Dame and afterward began his professional life with Xerox. After a decade of corporate life, Branker opened a General Motors dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Meanwhile his grandparents little bit of paradise was falling into disrepair, a fact Branker came face-to-face with when he returned to the island after a long absence. He found his long-held connection to Barbuda was as strong as ever and that it was one he now wanted to share with his own family. Recalling the joy his parents found in running their inn, he set out to build a resort on the sliver of land that had been his grandparents’ home. But, a little older now and having traveled the length and width of the Caribbean, it wasn’t long before he saw that this combination of sand, sun, sea and breeze was like nowhere else on earth, and perfect for what might be the most sought after address in the Caribbean.

It took nearly a decade for Branker’s vision to become a reality, but the effort paid off. The nine-suite luxury hotel with state-of-the-art amenities sits where Lavann first settled with his tent over 60 years ago. Come stay in the hotel to see for yourself how this island gem, available to only a few, is truly as beautiful as everyone who has stood on this beach has proclaimed.


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