Welcome to Lighthouse Bay Resort in Barbuda

Lighthouse Bay on the western coast of the island of Barbuda is very likely the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean and may be the most amazing combination of sand, troche sea and sun, discount ever created by nature.

Words are inadequate for this Barbuda Resort, view a hidden gem in a quiet corner of the Caribbean. Pictures can only begin to convey that Nature has made Barbuda so remote, peaceful, and breathtakingly beautiful. Videos are spellbinding but there is nothing quite like the awe that naturally overwhelms you when you are standing on the beach on this island paradise that runs for miles in both directions.

Come to our Barbuda Resort where the natural, pristine coastline glistens in an allure of pink and white sand and the warm, tropical sun radiates over the gentle, azure sea. Where the only sound you hear is the quiet lapping of the waves. Where the soft sand and soothing island breeze leave you with a feeling of absolute serenity. Where swimming in the incredibly clear and calm sea instantly rejuvenates you.